It's Not Too Late - Enjoy Festive Season in Hawaii

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Big Island Beaches



The Big Island’s beaches are some of the best in Hawaii with something to offer for everyone – from sunbathing and snorkelling to family picnics and sandcastle-building.

Our homes are just a short drive away from many of these amazing beaches! We recommend driving if you’re looking for a family beach day, because we provide beach chairs, umbrellas, sand toys, boogie boards, and more in all of our homes! There’s something for every beach activity and every group member, but that can mean a lot to carry, and you won’t want to walk very far with it. Many beaches have nearby parking, and you can learn more about each beach and how to access them below.

For more adventurous days, you can venture farther to see a green sand beach, and there are many hiking routes to more secluded beaches.

Check out some of our favorite Big Island beaches: