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Anaeho’omalu Bay




Swimming & Watersports

Anaeho’omalu Bay is surrounded by a surf-breaking reef, making the waters at the beach calm and peaceful most of the time. When the wind is up, this is also a popular spot for windsurfers. Many people snorkel here but the best spot for this is a short hike south of the main beach.

Beautiful Coastline

You can explore A Bay on a beautiful shoreline hike that takes you past tide pools. Sometimes you can even find sea turtles on shore near these tide pools! Make sure to wear good shoes as the trail is covered with sharp lava and coral. This trail can be particularly gorgeous at sunset.

Hawaiian History

Behind the beach on Anaeho’omalu Bay, you can’t miss the two brackish fish ponds that Hawaiians once used to farm fish. If you follow the trail around the ponds, you can also find petroglyphs and archaeological sites with informative signs to learn about Hawaiian history and culture.



The beach at Anaeho’omalu Bay (A-Bay) near Waikoloa Beach resort is a local favorite. You will love walking along this long beach while watching the palm trees swaying in the wind.


A Great Day at the Beach

The off-shore reef at A-Bay means that the waters are usually great for swimming unless there is particularly high surf. The sand gently slopes out from the beach – you can usually wade out a long ways – making it great for families and kids. With lots of great places to set-up in the sun and in the shade, you can find your perfect spot to set up for a picnic at the beach.



Anaeho’omalu Bay is popular with windsurfers, divers, and paddlers. You can rent a variety of equipment for watersports at the Hawaii Ocean Sports A’Bay Beach Hut – including kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and canoes. If you visit on certain days of the week, you can get unlimited use of paddleboards, kayaks, and beach toys for a special rate during the Beach Hut’s Aloha Days.

You can also sign up for snorkel and SCUBA tours at the Beach Hut. You can snorkel towards the north end of the beach, but it can be difficult to see since the water here can be cloudy. If you hike a few minutes south of A-Bay Beach, you can find great snorkelling in the cove at Kapalaoa Beach.


Fish Ponds

The fish ponds at Anaeho’omalu Bay were so important to Hawaiians in Kohala that the bay is named after them. They were used to grow mullet – an important fish species for food – and were engineered to allow fresh spring water to mix with salty ocean water. They allowed juvenile fish to swim in with the tides but trapped them so that they could be farmed until they were a good size to eat. Take an interpretive walk around the fish ponds to learn more about how they worked and their role in Hawaiian culture.


Shoreline Hikes

A-Bay features a three gorgeous hikes along the shoreline. All three require shoes due to the sharp lava rocks and coral on the trail.

There is a great shoreline trail if you walk north from Anaeho’omalu Bay Beach (near the Marriott Waikoloa Beach) towards the Hilton Waikoloa Village. This hike will take you over broken coral and lava rocks and past a number of tide pools. Visitors can often find sea turtles on shore near these tide pools!

If you decide to hike south towards Kapalaoa Beach (a secluded cove where there is good snorkelling), you will be treated to some stunning shoreline vistas. This hike also takes you past some petroglyphs – stone carvings made by ancient Hawaiians. The more adventurous can continue on to take a 7-mile hike to Keawaiki Beach. This trail will take you past stunning shoreline views, a black sand beach, and gorgeous freshwater ponds hidden in the lava flows. This hike is moderately difficult – going over lava trails that can get quite hot. If you decide to try it, make sure to wear proper shoes and bring water and a snack!


Directions & General Information

To get to Anaeho’omalu Bay Beach from our vacation homes – drive south on Highway 19 and turn right on Waikoloa Beach Drive. Follow Waikoloa Beach Drive until you get to Ku’uali’i Place (opposite the Kings’ Shops) and turn left (look for signs pointing to the beach). Follow this road until you reach the parking lot near the restrooms at the end of the road.

A-Bay beach has restrooms, showers, and picnic spots. There are no lifeguards on duty at this beach.

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