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Learn to Live Aloha

Learn to Live Aloha.

The Hawaiian word “Kuleana” can be loosely defined as concern or responsibility for one’s environment and community. Hawaiian culture is indigenous to the islands, and there many aspects of life here that visitors are unaware of.  From respecting and keeping to hiking trails to protecting our delicate marine and rainforest ecosystem, visitors can sometimes cause damage without knowing it.

Please take a moment to watch these videos before you arrive, or while visiting the Islands of Hawaii.



Travel Pono (In Way that is Postive)



The Beauty of the People, Culture, History and the Aina



I plan to be pono (righteous) on the Island of Hawai’i.


Please Click Below to Take the Pono Pledge






Land Safety

Conservation of land and ocean by…


  • LAND: Stay on paths to preserve sacred sites,  leaving endangered species and plants alone.  Follow all rules and signs while visiting historical sites, valleys and Kilauea.


  • OCEAN – Using reef friendly sunscreen –  read labels to avoid sunscreens with Oxybenzone which disrupts coral reproduction, causes coral bleaching and damages coral DNA.     Learn more about Reef Friendly Sunscreen


Ocean Safety