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Sandcastle Building




Great Beaches Nearby

With several great white sand beaches just minutes from our vacation homes, our guests have lots of great locations to build sand castles. Try Mauna Kea Beach and Hapuna Beach!

Creative Family Fun

Building your dream sandcastle is a team exercise! Everyone can help dig and pile sand, keep the castle moist, and carve their own designs into the sand castle. Whether you want to build turrets, stairs, or just a sand volcano, it can be as simple or complex as you want!

Tips and Tools

As our guest, you will have access to plenty of beach gear including tools for building your perfect sand castle. Each of our homes also has a copy of a great book, “Sandcastles Made Simple” by Lucinda Wierenga, to find tips and inspiration.




Step 1 – Dig & Pile Sand

The first part of building an epic sandcastle is to make a large pile of wet sand that you will later carve into a magnificent sculpture. To get started, you will need one or more buckets and a shovel. After you’ve attained your supplies, you will need to mix sand and water together in a bucket (about a 50:50 ratio) and make a pile. Almost like building a volcano out of sand. This part goes faster if everyone takes turns digging, carrying water, and piling up the wet sand.



Step 2 – Build Up Towers

Once you have created your base, you have a blank canvas to work with! Now you can start building up towers and carving away details to create your stunning sand castle. If you want towers for your sand castle, you can build them up by making smaller piles of wet sand on top of your base.



Step 3 – Carve Smaller Details

Starting from the top of the sand castle, carve details such as columns, windows, and stairs. It’s important to start from the top so you don’t mess up details below you if sand falls on them. You can use almost any flat edged tool (e.g. butter knife, plastic trowel, paint scraper, etc.) to slowly remove sand to reveal the shape of your castle. Work together to make stair cases that spiral up the castle, or work individually on different sides of the castle.



Step 4 – Photograph

Sand castles won’t last forever, so make sure to photograph your hard work! Pose with your sand castle and feel proud!