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Playgrounds on the Big Island

There is nothing like being a kid and finding a new playground to explore. Do you remember discovering a new fort or a new maze for the first time? While Hawaii has so many amazing experiences for kids and families alike, there are some fun playgrounds to enjoy and maybe make some new Hawaiian friends. One […]

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This November – Kona Coffee Festival

  Coffee lovers visiting the Big Island in November should definitely check out the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival! Starting November 4th, you will be able to experience and celebrate this year’s coffee harvest as farmers and artisans come together at this award-winning coffee festival famous worldwide. With 40 events across 10 days, you will be […]

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Snorkel with the Manta Rays

Want to snorkel with the manta rays? The most popular way to see them is to take a boat to their common feeding sites. Depending on the company, you can take a large snorkel tour boat, fishing boat, or kayak to see the manta rays. Typically the boats will have a bright light to attract […]

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A-Bay Shoreline Hike with Sea Turtles

One evening earlier this month, we went for a shoreline hike at Anaeho’omalu Bay, beside the Waikoloa Beach Resort area. We had heard that sea turtles often hang out on the quiet and less crowded beaches along this trail, and wanted to photograph them in the glow of the evening light. We headed out from the trailhead near the Lava Lava Beach Club […]

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Take a Seahorse Farm Tour in Kona

Tucked away on the shoreline behind the Kona Airport, you will find a hidden gem of marine education and conservation. Here, you can learn about ocean conservation and the world’s endangered sea horse species. The Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm is unique – as the world’s first and only sea horse farm, established to breed and raise sea […]

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