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Hiking in Mauna Lani

Explore historic areas within
and around the Mauna Lani Resort

Historic Mauna Lani Fishponds

There are seven ancient Hawaiian fishponds on the grounds of the Mauna Lani Resort. They are among the few fishponds that are managed similarly to how they were in ancient times and are still producing fish to this day. The largest pond, Kalahuipua’a, encompasses 4.6 acres and goes to a depth of 18 feet. The trailhead for the fishponds are on the East side of the Mauna Lani Beach Club.


Kalahuipua’a Historical Park

This Historical Park in the center of the Mauna Lani resort has a 1 mile paved trail with information regarding the various features of the area. You’ll see a lava tube (which can be explored), petroglyphs and ancient fishponds along the way. To get to the trailhead, upon entering the Mauna Lani Resort area continue straight through the roundabout along Mauna Lani Drive. Turn left onto Pauoa Road where you’ll see trailhead parking to your right.


Puako Petroglyph Archaeological Preserve

On the North side of the Mauna Lani resort you’ll find the Puako Petroglyph fields. To get to the petroglyphs, follow North Kaniku Road towards the Fairmont Orchid, then turn right onto Holoholokai Beach Park Road. The parking area for the Petroglyphs trail is just before the parking for Holoholokai Beach. It is still a mystery why ancient Hawaiians carved these petroglyphs (ki’i pohaku) into the rocks you’ll find in the preserve. You’ll see many different images depicted on the stones, including dancers and sea turtles (around 1200 have been documented by Archaeologists!) The trail goes through a kiawe forest – the kiawe tree has sharp and strong thorns, so watch where you step. To learn more about other Petroglyph fields on the Island visit our Petroglyphs page.


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