It's Not Too Late - Enjoy Festive Season in Hawaii

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Hawaiian Sailing Canoe

Experience Hawaiian Canoe Sailing

Experience Authentic Hawaiian Sailing with Hawaiian Sails at the Mauna Kea Resort

Set sail from the stunning Mauna Kea Beach Resort for a one of a kind sailing adventure in a replica Hawaiian Double Hull Sailing Canoe.   Hawaii Sails at Mauna Kea Beach Resort

Starting the adventure include helping launch the  Hahalualele (the Flying Manta Ray) from the beach.    The Hahalualele is a 35 foot replica of an ancient Hawaiian double hull sailing canoe.   One you set out across the crystal clear blue waters, the large red sail unfurls and you are will be transported into a different world.     Listen to the crew “talk story” about the Island, Polynesian navigation and Hawaiian life as you cruise down the coast.    On many trips there will be opportunities to snorkel.     Make sure to put lots of sunblock on before you leave  as you will undoubtably be lost in the moment once aboard.   This trip is an intimate experience that you can share with your family or as a romantic couples excusrion.

Contact Hawaii Sails to  book your Hawaii Sails adventure that is sure to create special and lasting memories.